Corona Virus Updates

COVID-19 Information Page

At Delta Risk Solutions we understand that many people are concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are wide reaching implications for individuals and businesses alike.  This page is designed to provide helpful links and information not just on insurance but a broad range of business and personal issues that our clients may be experiencing or are concerned about at this time.

Our contact page has also been updated to ensure you know the when/where/what of getting in contact with us


For Home Owners and Individuals

The Australian Government has rolled out a financial assistance package.  You can find more information here.  This includes details on the financial support available including eligibilities.

The banks are providing their customers with relief where it’s required.  You can click on the name of the bank to be taken to their page. CommBank | ANZ | NAB | Westpac | St George | Macquarie | ING Direct | Suncorp | AMPBankwest | Bendigo Bank

For Businesses and Business Owners

Like they’re doing for individuals, the Australian Government is rolling out an assistance package for businesses. You can find this information here

Staying focused at home. A significant portion of the workforce will now start working from home and this brings an array of challenges.  This article provides employers and employees with some great tools to ensure your remaining engaged at home.

Making changes to your business? If you’re planning on working from home, closing your physical office, trading as take-away only, or anything other than your standard business model, please let us know.

Significant changes to your operations could have significant impacts on your insurances.  Get in touch if this applies to you and your business.