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Australia proudly boasts some of the most dynamic and forward thinking, entrepreneurial technology markets in the world. As the companies operating in these fields grow, so does the complexity of the products and services provided. 

Protecting your and your client through robust risk management, paired with policies tailored to the tech industry has never been more important.


The engineering sector in Australia is broad and diverse with products and services ranging from product manufacturing to civil project management, electrical engineering to building consultancy. 

As each engineering business is exposed to its own unique risks it’s important to consider how the right insurance products can transfer those risks away from the business.

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The property market in Australia has been through a tumultuous 36 months and protecting your assets and investments from a myriad of risks with the right insurance has never been more important. What insurance is available? From Property Owners to Syndicated Investment Groups, Strata Managers to Property Developers, Delta Risk Solutions can arrange cover for your business.


The transport industry keeps Australia moving. In a world where the need for logistics and equipment operators is always rising, it’s never been more important to cover your business with the right insurance.

Whether you’re a national operation freighting goods around the clock or an earthmover serving your local area, Delta Risk Solutions is here to help you.

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professional indemnity insurance

Professional Services

As the Professional Services industry becomes more and more regulated it’s vital that your insurance program reflects the advice and service you provide your clients. Whether you’re an accountant, financial planner, legal practice, real estate agent or strata management business Delta Risk Solutions is able to leverage its understanding of your business to build a suitable insurance program.

Small Business

Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or just starting out, Delta Risk Solutions knows that putting the right insurance policies in place is important to safeguard your investment. 

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The policies listed above, may or may not be relevant to you and your business. In consultation with you, Delta Risk Solutions will endeavour to provide you and your business with policies that reflect your risk profile